Kenko KDS mount remodeling [Tripod]

望遠レンズで写真を撮る時、三脚の雲台の角度の微調整が難しい。そこで、ケンコーKDSマウントを改造した。ケンコーKDSマウントは、水平と上下の回転が2つのノブで微調整でき、適度なフリクションで直接回転することもできる。しかし重心位置が高くなるので、部品の一つを180度回転し雲台を付け替えた。フリクション調整のノブは六角レンチで調整できるボルトに付け替えた。ケンコーKDSマウントにはプレートが付属していないので、GITZO GS2370LAを購入した。

When take a picture with a telephoto lens, it is difficult to fine adjustment of the angle of the pan head of the tripod. So, it was remodeled Kenko KDS mount. Kenko KDS mount can be finely adjusted with knob rotation of two vertical and horizontal, and can be rotated directly with moderate friction. However, since gravity center position is high, the one component is rotated 180 degrees and re-attach the pan head. Knob of friction adjustment was replaced with a bolt that can be adjusted with an Allen wrench. Since tKenko KDS mount does not come with he plate, I have purchased a GITZO GS2370LA.

Original KDS mount


Normal use.

It opened the hole to secure the pan head. Creating a spacer of acrylic so that the pan head is firmly fixed.

After remodeling


Manfrotto 300N [Tripod]


I think to try to take a panoramic photo of high pixel, I bought a panorama head Manfrotto 300N.
In the photo below, by the place where a screw visible on the right is inserted, 10 stage-click can be set in the range of 4 to 72 cuts the field of view of 360 degrees. For example, since the horizontal field of view is 32 degrees in the focal length 60mm lens, it becomes possible to take 360degrees panoramic photographs to be set to 12 cuts.

Manfrotto 300N

panoramic photo, 20585 x 1026 pixels


GITZO GLEVEL 1はGITZOの1型三脚のセンターポールの下端に付ける水準器である。
GITZOの製品カタログにはセンターポール下端のフック部品を取り外し工具なしで取り付けられるとあるが、フック部品が付いてないので、クイックリリースプレートGITZO GS2370LAに付属していた3/8"のツマミ付ネジで取り付けた。
GITZO GLEVEL 1 is the level puts on lower end of the center pole of GITZO type 1 tripod.
The product catalog of GITZO, it is written to be attached without tools to remove the hook part of the center pole lower end. The product catalog GITZO, it is written that it can be attached by removing the hook part of the center pole bottom end without tools. However, since in my tripod it does not have a hook part, I was attached with 3/8 inch screw that shipped with quick-release plate GITZO GS2370LA.
I had expected it would be a low horizontal accuracy because it is inexpensive. In practice, however, it seems to detect a slight tilt. Since the movement of the bubble is slow, it is necessary to slowly adjust to the movement of the bubble.