SUNPAK TR-PAKⅡ and AD-27J [Lighting]

SUNPAK TR-PAKⅡは既に生産を終了している。これは新品で2005年頃に購入したと記憶している。単2型電池6本を使用し、SUNPAKのストロボの外部電源として使用するもので、通常フルチャージに10秒以上かかるところ1秒くらいで完了してしまう。一度、調子に乗って連写していたら過熱してストロボを壊してしまった。もう一台は過熱でプラスチックのケースが変形してしまった。秋葉原で交換用のキセノン管を探したが見つからず、この電源が使えるSUNPAKの中古のストロボを買い置きした。
Power Zoom 4000AF for Nikon
Power Zoom 5000AF for Nikon
auto 30 DX
auto 3075G

SUNPAK TR-PAKⅡ has already finished the production. I remember that it was purchased before or after 2005 with the new article. Use the six C size batteries, to be used as an external power source of the electronic flash of SUNPAK. It takes to full charge usually more than 10 seconds, but using this to complete in about one second. Previously, I broke the electronic flash by overheating in continuous shooting. Another one, the plastic of the case had been deformed by overheating. Because I could not find is in Akihabara xenon tube for replacement, I was stock up the used electronic flash of SUNPAK that this power is available.


AC adapter AD-27J has been bought the same time, charge time takes time about the same as the battery of the body, it was not convenient.



MINICAM SC-150 [Lighting]

買った当時は、銀塩フィルムの時代で、コダックのTRI-XでISO 400なので、大光量はありがたかった。

The SC-150 is a flash that I bought about 40 years ago. Light-emitting portion can be increased-flash up to 2 lights. At the time of the price is ¥ 59,800 in one-lamp set. Light-emitting part in the photo was replacement in about 10 years ago. Until bought monoblock flash, I was using the SC-150 in the main. GN60. Dedicated laminated battery became a discontinued a long time ago, SC-150 can also be used with AC power. Charge time in the AC power supply is 10 seconds at full amount of light, 5 seconds at half amount of light. There are no companies as Minicam, Minitekuno in 2005 has taken over the business.
At the time I bought this flash, in the era of silver halide film, Kodak TRI-X is at ISO 400, a large amount of light was convenient.
Now, sometimes, whether it is able to charge, it has become to just make sure.